Welcome to the 513‘s

Black Wall Street Project

Start A Business. Build your Wealth. Leave A Legacy.

The Black Wall Street Project is an online business created specifically for us — by us.

It is a complete business and marketing system designed to help you generate passive income by leveraging the power of the internet.

The world is changing fast. Don’t get left behind. Don’t let your skills become obsolete.

Learn how to use technology to create financial freedom for your family. Then help other members of your community do the same.

That is Black Economics. That is Black Unity. And this is your invitation to join our network of successful Black Entrepreneurs.

Start a business. Build your wealth. Leave a legacy.

The Black Wall Street Project was funded by the founding members of Black Wallets Matter.

It is proof that a group of Black men and women can come together and create something of value for the benefit of the entire Black Community.

Join us today and let’s continue building a legacy that our Children, Brothers, and Sisters can enjoy in the future.